Cooking Classes

BERNALILLO COUNTY COOPERATIVE EXTENSION SERVICE: Based on popular request, this organization is offering gluten-free workshops starting in March, 2010. The Bernalillo County Cooperative Extension Service has excellent programs that are reasonably priced.

JAN’S ON 4TH COOKING SCHOOL: Gluten-free baking and cooking classes are offered several times during the year by Jan Laird, Certified Personal Chef.

ST. JAMES TEA ROOM: The very talented chef at St. James hosts a special full tea and gluten-free baking class once or twice each year. All St. James events are detailed on their website and in their newsletter. Due to their popularity, make your reservations for any special event at St. James Tea Room well in advance.

WHOLE FOODS: Whole Foods occasionally has gluten-free cooking classes, and they have been advertised in the Monday Health section of the Albuquerque Journal. Call to register for advertised classes as quickly as possible. They fill up fast.

Updates will be made to this list on a regular basis. If you would like to share information about a gluten-free cooking class, please email us!

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